LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 13 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

In the concious world, love ain’t evil; people are.” – BigDan


Let me rephrase my question with a fictional story – say a certain Mr. E falls in love with a Ms. G, he loves her so much he could feel his heart skip a beat everytime for her. He enjoys his stay with her and just never wants her to leave his side for a minute.

Cut to the chase, Abiodun.” She replied.

Trust me, you’ll love this story.” I said to her.

[The Story]
Dedicated to his passion, he was extremely quiet. It was his perfect disguise, for when he springs into his other side, he’s a pack of trouble. Though he never ever shows the otherside. He was the ‘all to himself’ kind of individual, never out for trouble and never out to cause pain, he wouldn’t hurt a fly; moreover physically not mentally. He hated love but he loved everyone. He was jovial and kind. Smart, intelligent, polite. He cherished his reputation and integrity. He made friends easily. He helped people. Always one for the people and not himself. He was a rare gem to creation.

…and then, he found love

He’d spend countless hours with the one he fell in love with. Hours grew longer and became days, days accumulated into weeks and at the rate of progression, it was sure to be a love till the end of time.He grew fond of her and she did too. They’d eat, bath, walk, laugh, cry and even fight together, then they’d settle their little misunderstandings with what anyone would call the best sex ever.

…change is the only constant thing

Yeah! Things began to change. While his love for her kept growing and growing, her demands started to climb; not for material things but intellectual property. Boredom began to encroach; she was getting bored of the whole routine and she wanted to have another feel. A new laugh, a new date, a new challenge, a new sex. And she did get it. He acted like he didn’t know this was happening and at night he’d let out his pain that the tears from his eyes help quench the fire of hatred that’s slowly consuming his heart. He prayed to God to give him strength. The only one who he had truly fallen in love with; true love, suddenly feels otherwise for him. She now sees joy in f**king someone else, laughing with some random dude and spending quality time with him.

…and then, she fell in love with someone else

It was time to move on, so much for time being the best healer. He promised himself not to fall in love again. He stayed a lot more indoors; depressed. He drank heavily, reeked from his excessive smoking; he started losing his mind and his good characters started falling off bit-by-bit. He stayed single; no sex. He found himself a reason to start writing his pain and ordeal with love. With time, he started to see how just writing his heart helped draw him closer to his real self, though the pain of penning down such memories of a love-gone-sour were hard and painful on him, he found strength somehow.


Abiodun lifted his cup to wet his lips and throat. He had in his tumbler a mixture of whisky, ice-cubes and Pepsi – smooth, just how he loved it. Kate had been listening to him intently since he started his story; she hadn’t touched her drink since the story began. He looked into her eyes and noticed she was pondering over something.

Did he fall in love again?” She asked.

Yes, he did, but before I continue with the story, are you alright? You haven’t lifted that cup in a while.” I said to her puzzled on why the story I was narrating really got her caught up.

Oh! It’s nothing.” She replied as she gave a very quick gesture with her hand before lifting the cup and gulping half it’s content in a rush.

Slow down, are you trying to get yourself drunk quickly?” I said.

She smiled and told me to go on with my story. I squinted my eyes looking at her to see if she was okay, having no proof against her last action. I decided to go on with my story as I adjusted myself in the couch and continued…

When you taste love, it starts with a sweet lie, turns into a bitter truth, then it goes all sour.” – BigDan

[The Story – Part 2]
He was in love again. It’s un-explainable the chemistry created and evolved into affection. What had been mere friendship in the shortest of time was beginning to look like love for eternity; he’d stay up all night chatting with her over the phone and bringing smiles to her face. He’d excite her with intellectual games when she’s bored and give her tips and advice when her morale’s down; he watched his likeness for her grow into love and he got scared. He didn’t want to awaken the slowly fading memories of his ex, yet, he was enjoying this feeling of attraction that was building up inside of him. He longed to see her just one more time; he gathered pictures of her, recorded voice-notes for her – he saved hers, that he could listen to them whenever he misses her. Somehow, they fell in love; joyous moment. They were happy. She was happy. He was happy. He told her everything and she promised not to break his heart; she said she wouldn’t walk away, that she would love him to the end. He knew in her was his happiness. He wanted to believe her. He wanted to trust her. He took his time and prayed he’d forever remain happy with her. He was proud to show her off to the world. He told the few of friends he has got, about her; he bragged about her. He told everyone she was his all-in-all. He was pleased to have her, to know her, to love her. He’d stay speechless most times just staring at her picture or find himself smiling listening to a set of old voice-notes he had saved when they just met. And as the passion grew wild, as his heart fully became hers and in so short a time, he was so in love with her.

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…the unbelievable happens


Kate didn’t say anything. She sat there staring into my eyes like she was searching for answers in them. I smiled at her, picked up my cup to drink again; she was lost again. She moved her eyes away from me and buried herself in thoughts; I wondered what she could be thinking, but I allowed her enjoy her moment. After about a minute of the silence and pondering, I reached for her hand and she jolted.

It’s okay, I’m just trying to bring you back to reality.

She smiled.

You want to know what she told him? What the unbelievable act was?

Kate nodded yes staring into my eyes – she didn’t say a word; she held her cup in her hand. She was really moved by story I had just relayed to her.

She said she wanted to be with her ex-boyfriend, she still had serious feelings for him.

Drink spilled, shards scattered and a sharp noise filled the bar. Kate had dropped her cup in impulse to my last statement.

Are you really alright?” I asked as I tried…

I grabbed her hand; she was shaky. Sometime definitely doesn’t feel right. I looked into her eyes and tried asking her what was wrong, but when I met her blue eyes, they had tears in them. I moved my hand to her face and tried wiping off the tears with my thumb.

…and then my phone rang


Do you know what it takes to be a lover? Do you know what it takes to be a half of a whole? #Inception


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