LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 11 …script’d by BigDan

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[Maryland, BRT Bus-Stop]

I walked up to the ticket sellers and handed the young man in the customary blue shirt a note of ₦500.

70 ticket please“, I said to him.

He ranted out without even looking at my face – “no change, bring ₦20, collect ₦450.

I dug my right hand into my back pocket and pulled out a couple of crumbled notes, selected a ₦20 note and handed it to him alongside the initial ₦500; he tore off a ticket for me and gave me 2200 notes and a ₦50 note as my change. I then proceeded to join the queue for the already waiting BRT bus; I glanced up the long line of waiting people and I prayed in my heart I get a seat. The woman immediately ahead of me had her phone clung to her right ear tightly and she was so loud that basically everyone around her was hearing what she was saying; I felt perplexed at the way people feel comfortable to make or receive phone calls in public, worst was the way they screamed into the mouth-piece making their on-air affair or conversation, the opposite of private. It’s a personal line, keep your affairs private with your caller or who’s been called, I thought to myself. Bingo! Like I had just heard some evil news, I froze at the words she uttered into the mouth-piece before letting out a long hiss and rained curses on the receiver at the other end; the line slowly progressed forward and after a couple of minutes, I was finally in, only that all the seats were taken and I had to stand – at least temporarily, till someone alights and I get a chance to seat, I prayed. Other passengers joined the bus and they all followed the clause, standing. Standing in the middle of the bus, one hand on the hanger support and the other holding onto my Blackberry phone, I glanced down at the girl siting close to me and watched her fiddle with her keypad as she typed hurriedly – Twitter for Blackberry. Interesting! I quickly read her handle off the header and cross-checked the right spelling before storing it in my head; the bus swept through the independence tunnel as I marveled at the lovely long MTN advert boards that hung on the wall of the tunnel.

Idi Iroko wa o.” An elderly woman in front yelled as the man by her side hit the bell; few minutes later, the bus pulled to a stop and some passengers alighted.


[Idi Iroko]

The ride from Idi Iroko to Anthony didn’t take much time as the distance between both bus-stops was short; I glanced from right to left through the bus windows admiring the lovely business building and structures on both side of the road. The bus stopped at Anthony as a couple more people dropped off the bus and finally, I found myself a seat – one behind the girl who was so carried away with her Twitter activities that the whole trip seemed shut behind her reality and fun.



As the bus resumed it’s journey all the way to the next stop, I quickly unlocked my phone, scrolled through it’s menu and activated my Ubersocial for Twitter and Facebook – “it’s time to have some fun.” I said to myself.

There’s more feelings in tension than recession.” – BigDan

Searching up @HerHandle on my mention page, I checked out her profile, smiled as I read it and clicked on the Follow button.

@HerHandle Can I get a follow back please? Lovely bio btw.

While waiting for her reply, I hit up her avatar and checked out the picture of her – regular, same thing most Twitter girls do, flash a little seductive part of their body; usually a section of their boobs or hips. I loved what I saw as I closed the avatar and awaited her reply anxiously – after about a minute, I quickly changed my network connection from EDGE to 3G.

Done, thanks dear. RT @HerHandle Can I get a follow back please? Lovely bio btw.

I smiled, “dear?” This is getting interesting. I moved on with my next plan.

@HerHandle DM? I’m sending just 1 and I’m sure you’ll be wow’d by it’s content.

Previously Published,  Kriztabel - SONGS OF VICTORY (prod. by LC Beatz)

After about 2 minutes she replied.

kk RT @HerHandle DM? I’m sending just 1 and I’m sure you’ll be wow’d by it’s content.

F**k! I hated this “kk” treatment, but damn I’m on a self-given mission. I have to defeat all obstacles if I was to achieve my goal.

Driver, Palmgrove dey o.” I glanced up to look outside the window; I was baffled at how much deep concentration had taken over me that I didn’t know we had passed the Obanikoro bus-stop.

Direct Message To @HerHandle:You in a BRT Bus, putting on a pink Polo top, black leggings, silver Playboy pendant and a short fringe on your hair. Confused I know these?

Instantly, I plugged my ear-piece into the iPod Shuffle and hit play as I nodded my head uninterested at the environs; a trick to clear the suspicion off my face if she decides to look around the bus for who it likely was that was tweeting at her. The bus pulled over in front of the Palmgrove bus-stop sign and a couple of more people alighted as 3 women and a young lad joined the bus.

A DARING RISK and RISKING A DARE only has 1 thing in-between them – an ‘equal to’.” – BigDan

The ride from Palmgrove to Fadeyi was so smooth as I enjoyed the rest of my conversation with the confused lady; I cared less about the Onipanu bus-stop. I buried myself in a conversation that had turned out from a plan to an adventure.

Talk less … Think deep … Act more.” – BigDan

Direct Message To @MineHandle: “How’d you know that? Are you stalking me?

Mention To @HerHandle: “I asked for just 1 tweet. Thanks. Wanna know how I knew? DM your PIN or digits; you use a Blackberry Torch 2.

Now u scaring me, who are you and where are you? Please RT @HerHandle: I asked for just 1 tweet. Thanks. Wanna know how I knew? DM your PIN or digits; you use a Blackberry Torch 2.

As I read her latest re-tweet at my handle, I smiled and contemplated I won’t reply, but after a couple thoughts, I remembered I was close to Fadeyi where the last bu-stop was. I quickly replied her.

Mention To @HerHandle: “My name is Abiodun and I’m headed to the cinema at the Ozone Cinemas. You?

I’m heading to the same place, now would you show your face? RT @HerHandle: My name is Abiodun and I’m headed to the cinema at the Ozone Cinemas. You?

As the bus pulled over at the final bus-stop [Fadeyi] and passengers began to rise to alight, I tapped her shoulder, leaned forward and whispered in her face – “…………… ?


Keep your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens.” – Tony DeLiso


[Sneak Peek into #LJ12, Lecherous Journal]
Abiodun dipped his head through the driver’s window and negotiated the cab fee. As the driver agreed to his fee, he pulled back, opened the back door for “???” and let her go in first, then he turned around to let himself through the other back door.

[Further Excerpts from #LJ12, Lecherous Journal]
So you’re heading to Ozone to watch a movie alone?Abiodun asked her as the 2face Idibia‘s “Rainbow Remix“, featuring T-Pain was blasting through the cab’s stereo.

Nah! A friend of mine invited me late to join her at the cinema, said she’s meeting with her ex and she’s a little nervous. So, she needed my company to get herself on feet.

I was shocked at her reply – could she be talking about the same person I was off to meet?

What’s her name?” I asked her.

Tolu, why’re you interested in knowing her?

And right there, I …..

Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.” – Mignon McLaughlin

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