LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 10 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Could the suspense and intrigue get any better or worse? Enjoy the excerpts from the mall.[/highlight]


Akin and Vivian, hands loaded with a grocery bag of chocolate and more drinks found themselves up the escalator as Vivian prompted to ask Akin a question so rhetorical that Akin found himself lost for the first few seconds.

If she’s Abiodun‘s ex, does that mean all you’ve said to me won’t count or matter anymore? – #LJ7

Jide: *whispering to CynthiaIt’s okay, you’ld have maximum fun coming over to the crib with us, with me. *as he pulled out his face from her ear showing her a grinned expression* – #LJ8

Akin: *with an evil smile, he looked into my eyes and said the words I wouldn’t have expected till my life tarry* Here’s your 1st chance to make an adult decision relating to love. Who’d you be with at the end of tonight? I’ve got Judith coming over. – #LJ8

Pretty young.” I replied. “Susan said she’ll be 18 next month and I’m positive her friend Judith is older, but barely 19. – #LJ5

*** What you’re about to read next, is totally unexpected: BE WARNED!!! ***


Sex and love could be related, but sex eases the pain and love creates it.” – BigDan

Could it be love at first sight, first f**k, first fight and it’s only been a week but it’s feel’s like a year, like 2 months or something like that. I’m lost in the calendar but she know where I’m at. It’s been a week man but umm!!! You don’t know but I bet you know where she at, ‘cos it’s been a week but umm!!! She send that carter with me note in her back, yes damn! It’s been a week but umm, it’s like 2 trains that were in the same track, haha! It’s been a week and she changed her name to I’ma call you right back. Damn and I say…

I sang gracefully, the lyrics of Lil’ Wayne‘s “It’s Been A Week” that was playing from my phone on the wash-hand basin as I turned on the faucet of the shower and let cold water gush out from the perforated cup over my head, running down my hair to feet. I felt good. Singing in the shower always made me feel like a Rock star; I had come to agree totally with the Josh Groban quote that says ‘there’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a Rock star or an Opera diva.‘ Irrespective of the key or pitch, while in the shower, I assume I hit all notes perfectly and sometimes sing better than the artiste. I dragged the lathered soft sponge over my body as I scrubbed down from my shoulder blade to my belt line and as I approached my penis, thoughts of Vivian flooded my mind – if only I could have a shower with her. It’s been a week since Akin‘s impromptu house party and I haven’t been able to take Vivian off my mind; her physique that evening had been more appealing to the eye when she changed into my boxers and had just her jump shirt on. Tolu had hidden her jealously perfectly but it was visible in her actions as she kept close to me most times in an act of either, ‘I want you back‘, or ‘stay off Vivian, he’s still mine.Akin had made sure I composed myself as we rode home; he had smartly called a Taxi agency and requested for a Sienna mini-bus, fit enough to accommodate us all. The sitting arrangement was nothing to write home about but the good news was I didn’t have to sit next to Vivian or Tolu on our way back home – Jide had the seat next to the driver, Akin and I had the rear, the girls stayed in between and what baffled me was how Vivian and Tolu connected – good job from Cynthia as she kept them engaged in talks. I stepped off the shower as I hung the white towel around my neck and let my body drip water on the tiles, making for the room. I was stark naked and as I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, I stared at my stomach in displeasure and said to myself, “okay, I’ve got to work on that – I need my abs back.Tolu had always loved the small round belly better than a 6-pack and I wondered why. She always rubbed them and said they make me look more matured than my forever young look. I sat on the work chair in the room and made for my notifications; a couple songs played off the phone as time went by and as I dropped the phone to dress up for my meeting today, I got caught singing again. TGT‘s “Sex” track reeled in as Tank‘s voice and smooth delivery could make any girl’s body respond to the lyrics; as every line rolled out to add up to a verse, Tolu was back into my mind, for my most memorable sexual adventures were with her. Now I found my mind playing music versus memories.

||| MUSIC |||
I ain’t trying to touch you the same way
… already did that
Tell you what I need
Wanna change a couple of things
How can I say this without coming off disrespectful
Don’t want you thinking I’m not into the way your sex goes
But this time I’m faking it
And I plan on breaking it
That’s what I’m thinking cause

Tolu and I had experimented all forms of foreplay. She loved a long foreplay whenever the mood was intense and swift for lovemaking – we’d start off from either a kiss in the shower or me nibbling on her nipples until they are hard and pointed before my tongue goes into play. Starting off slow, locking lips in a deep passionate kiss – easy – I let my tongue escape her mouth and find it’s way down to her neck, then nape, then bare shoulder; most times, we’re still in the shower. I let the water run on us as we lock lips again and battle for breathe underneath the streaming shower, I then focus on softly licking and kissing her neck up along the side of it, kissing behind her ear for a tingle, nibbling up and down the length of her ear-lobe with a tickle of hot breath in her ear: usually drives her wild. I run my fingers down her spine to her butt crack, then I softly smooch her butt cheeks as I drop slowly running my tongue down her cleavage to her navel. I stop mid-way and this time around, she grabs my hair and pulls me back up; I play around her tits with my tongue slowly, without touching her nipples and after she gets a deep sensation, she tilts her head backwards and let out a breathless moan – I let my fingers reach for cl*t and I…

I ain’t tryna treat you like my lady
And this may sound a little crazy
I wanna do some things to you that I never done to you before
Like having sex on the table
It will, no need to take off your clothes girl
Oh girl I wanna see you lift up your skirt
I’ma rip off my shirt
That’s what I’m thinking bout

Whenever Tolu was mad at me, she’d be restless and talk so much trying to drive in her point – no matter what I said at such time, it was useless, at least for the moment. I’d read her mood perfectly and when she’s about to climax the anger, I’d draw her vigorously close to myself, plant my mouth over hers and kiss her roughly, pull her across the room to a wall, plant my hands on the wall caging her in it as she’d hurriedly reach for my zipper still kissing me like her appetite for survival depended on that last meal of my lips. I’d tuck my hand underneath her shirt if she’s had 1 on: she rarely does. She’s an in-house short gown lady. I’d pull up the gown from the hem and lift her up from her hips wrapping her legs around my waist as I tuck my face in between her b**bs and suck the hell off her nipples like a violent hungry baby. She’d moan crazy as we turn round and round in search for a chair – finally on it, she’d pull my jean/short down to my ankle, clutch my d**k right in her hand and skillfully swallow it like a singer on the banana voice-training. She’d gag endlessly on it till she’s had enough of my pre-cum and then, she’d sit herself on me in an upright saddle position and ride me crazy to hell caring less of the chair’s squeak. At my 1st feel of ejaculation, I’d push her up violently, turn her around as she flats her palms on the work table and I doggy behind her. She’d scream my name helplessly like a distress call over the radio. Usually at this point her clothes would have been yanked off as I hit her faster from behind holding her hip with one hand and squeezing her b**bs for juice. After a couple of violent styles and rigorous movements, we usually end up on the bed or the table-top doing the Kamasutra‘s “77” or “Double L” before I spill my cum all over her belly or tits – a cuddle in silence is usually the preceding until I break the silence with the words, “I’m sorry dear” and she whispers beneath her fatigued voice, “I love you.

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As Ginuwine‘s verse reeled in, the mention of strawberry and cream took my mind back to the dirty orals we both had.

I say girl straight to the voice, strawberrys get the whip cream
Nothing but the best, you get the real thing
Tell me do you like it like that baby?
Do you like it how I please you darling?
Don’t want love, just want sex baby
I don’t want [loose you] by the words that I’m saying
You have the right to [choose choose] so baby let’s stop playing
Sometimes you need a change in love
Cause tonight is the night and I can’t take you baby

We’d chose to hangout that evening as we sat alone on our table. I was having my 2nd bottle of Heineken beer as she sipped off the straw, the content of her Smirnoff bottle; the love was evidently strong among us – she was happy, I was happy. We gisted, laughed and held hands as sweet words streamed out of our mouths to our ears; true lovers, that was us – Tolu and Abiodun. We had a private BBM group where we 2 were the only members, we shared pictures and dropped love messages at random every time we felt the passion run through us. We felt we had surpassed the “Crazy In Love” or “Bonny & Clyde” nature of Jay Z and Beyonce. Our love was so dope, even Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston couldn’t run their “Bobby & Whitney” term on us. We did foolish things together, promised to be there for each other, in live till death – “Romeo and Juliet“. After my 2nd bottle, we left the hotel’s bar and took a long evening stroll to Pizza Inn, where we had a medium dish of Pepperoni Pizza and Pepsi. She then suggested Ice Cream – I reminded her she’s still got a small bottle of Baileys in her bag and there’d be no use for the flavoured cream but she insisted. I took a cone of Stawberry Ice Cream with Vanilla toppings while she bought a bowl of double flavoured Ice Cream – Vanilla & Strawberry. Back in the hotel, we made for the room where I glued my eyes to a football match on the television set after having a cold shower – my beer, back by my side. She lifted the lid off her Ice Cream bowl and started scooping and licking it. I had just my boxers on. She licked the scoop of the spoon in such a sexy way I could feel my c**k go rigid and bulge. She smiled at me, whispered the words “I love you“, as she touched my rigid c**k and asked, “why is junior angry? I think he’s hungry.” She pulled my c**k out of it’s abode and dragged my boxers down, then she filled her mouth with Ice Cream and slurped it all over my c**k with her mouth over it. The chilled nature sent my neurons running to my brain. I gave a whoosh sound and all she did was lift her eye brow in an attempt to see if I was enjoying it. “You are bad girl, baby” was all I could remember from my speech that night. We had each other bathed in cream as we licked it off seductively running from a “she over me blow-job” to a “standard 69“. It was the longest foreplay I had ever had – 4 hours or more. The cream had melted off and we’d continued with her Baileys; I remember the change in taste when I even licked off beer from her navel like a thirsty dog.

Such memories are so hard to forget that I wonder why she ever cheated on me. She had said it was a forced sex and she was helpless but the stigma had so stuck to my persona that I couldn’t help but walk away. Then she had found someone else and stayed partially happy with him while I remained lost in love and lust after girls. The love-making that night was so dirty and passionately intense that we’d both climax during the “cream-play” before even hitting the spot; I wish I could have just 1 more of such play with her before hitting the road. My mind was made up. I ain’t going back to Tolu. Vivian is all I want now and I ain’t backing down until I have her. Meanwhile, Tolu and I were made perfectly for a real f**k, and yes, I would have her 1 more time before I have Vivian.


I picked up my phone, searched for Tyga‘s “F**k For The Road” track featuring Chris Brown as I hit play and continued dressing, for my meeting today was with Tolu, and I had chosen the same hotel we had shared all the passionate memories. I pushed my ATM card into my back pocket as I smiled at it and said, “come on pal, let’s go have some last minute fun.

[Hook – Chris Brown]
My heart beats for you when you are the one
Why you mad at me girl
I know I make mistakes, I know I f**ked up
But my heart beats for you baby, I’ma go and scream it loud
But if you leave, it’s something I can’t control
So let’s do it one last time and f**k for the road


We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” – Tom Robbins

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