10 Minutes With LACE …by Edward Fortune

10 Minutes With Lace ... by Edward Fortune Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

10 Minutes With Lace ... by Edward Fortune Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Sebiwo lo so wipe o ma tele mi losi ibi ki bi [our love na forever].

This was the very 1st rendition that stamped Lace‘s [real name – Taiwo Agbohunsa] feet in the hearts of music lovers in Nigeria and diaspora; his second single, “Gba Be“, which to me, is more like his reply to the girl that said “Sebiwo“, reaffirms his love for her with lines like “If I tell you say I love you, gba be“, a song that featured dope rapper, Olamide. “Gba Be” was more like a proof that Lace wasn’t here to just make noise but to give music pundits a good reason to still believe in Nigeria music; blessed with a melodious voice [that most times sounds like his crying], he’s always made it a point of duty to make sure each song he drops is always on the lips of both the young and old. Born with the Benin Republican blood flowing in his veins, he can best be described as the future of Trado-Contemporary music, a perfect blend of R&B and Hip-Hop; his musical odyssey began as a back-up vocalist for Konga, before being snapped up by Dozage Records, where he currently plies his trade. 2012 was more like the year for Lace when he dropped the party banger, “Feere“; the song was a compulsory one in clubs and it had a video which was on heavy rotation. Late 2013 was the year Lace knew God had bigger plans for him; his joy couldn’t be contained and he decided to praise God in his own way by dropping the single, “Change My Story“, a song that talks about how he went from nothing to something, the ordeals and challenges he faced while trying to make his name a constant topic of discussion in the Nigeria music industry and beyond. No doubt, from the early days of “Sebiwo” to the latest piece, “Change My Story“, all singles are certified hits in their own rights; Lace is an eclectic singer and hook master. His lines majorly delivered in his native Benin Republic mother-tongue, Egun, with an infusion of Yoruba and English language respectively; his forth-coming album tentatively titled “Benin 2 Nigeria” which parades great collaboration with artistes like Pasuma Wonder, 9ice, Ice Prince, Reminisce and a whole lot of others, is set to be released on the 14th of February [Valentine’s Day] which according to Lace, happens to be the best Valentine’s gift ever!!!

I hooked up with the “Sebiwo” crooner for 10 minutes and had him talk about how God has changed his story…


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10 Minutes With LACE…by Edward Fortune

Q: The name Lace has been around for a while, how has the journey been so far?
A: The journey has been great, full of ups and downs but I am thankful to my creator who bestowed this talent on me; I think I came, I saw and I conquered my fears before I dropped my 1st single, “Sebiwo“, back in 2010.

Q: What inspires the kind of music you do?
A: It’s God that gives inspiration but I develop my music from happenings around me, what I see or hear and most times from my relationship with people. That’s explains why you see me write songs that lifts the spirits; my last offering, “Change My Story“, is a break from the regular songs you hear everywhere which does nothing but promotes booty shaking, alcohol and all that serenre.

Q: Define the kind of music you do
A: I do good music, my singles out there are testaments to this fact; that’s basically how I can define the kind of music I do – Good Music.

Q: If you were to go back 24 hours and change something, what would it be?
A: That would definitely be to spend more time in my native country Benin Republic, I was supposed to have a meeting with some top government officials there, but somehow, I got very important meetings here in Nigeria and I’m here now – no regrets though!

Q: Most memorable moments so far?
A: Of a truth, every minute counts for me ooo; I have got quite a number of them but I can never forget the day I left my old label for the new one, it was a turning-point in my music career.

Q: What does life as Lace mean?
A: Wooow!!! life as Lace is interesting though it comes with lots of responsibilities. I have lost my privacy, everybody sees you as their micro-finance bank, I have to be very careful about the things I do, ranging from how I look to how I talk and also my dealings with people to avoid scandals.

Q: One thing being Lace has done to you.
A: Hmmm!!! Well, being Lace has turned me to Mourinho oooo! *laughs*. I am the special one, everywhere I go, people show me love and am indeed grateful to God. *sings* *music* from nothing to something, Oluwa you changed my story. *music*

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Q: Most priced possession?
A: Without thinking twice, it’s my team. They stood by me when nothing dey and here we are; we’re still balling hard – na dem ooooo.

Q: Life outside being a celeb, would you prefer it?
A: Woooow! I would love it to some extent but with what I do, I don’t think I have a chance. It’s God’s will that I am celebrated today so I would not want to utter the will of God for my life.

Q: What’s next for Lace?
A: *clears throat* Well, big thing oooo!!! The next thing is February 14th ooo, I’m dropping my album, “Benin 2 Nigeria“. It’s that piece of me that’s gonna shut many doubting Thomas up. Those wey no wan gimme chance, those wey dey tackle me like Messi – you guys should just go out there, get a copy, show the golden son some love.

Q: The acceptance for the brand Lace, how would you describe it?
A: To God be the Glory, the acceptance is crazy and I’m extremely grateful to my creator for such a blessing. There are lots of talented acts out there that never made it to the Tv screens let alone record a demo, but, here I am today, I’m celebrated both in my home town and away. God has truely been faithful and I sincerely can’t thank my fans enough; my prayer is that God would also change your story this year…

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