MMXIV Greetings From AceWorldTEAM

MMXIV Greetings From AceWorldTEAM Artwork |

MMXIV Greetings From AceWorldTEAM Artwork |

Ashen grey on New year’s eve
Storms lash as children sleep
Moonlight not fit for lovers
Cruel ……….
Denies another love
Beyond trite similes
Unlike nights of yesterday
Stocking hung on the bedroom door ……….
Pretending to sleep
A starlight night
Beyond flowering curtains
An old year departing
Its’ work done ……….
Fresh hope another time,
To tread again
Lanes that brought us here
To start it all again.

Murstradamus || @izzohova1

Excitement rush
Everyone with the finishing touches
To a long lived; whether prosperous or bad year
Right now…right here…only his grace raced us this far.
Few hours from now…every soul will be out there
Somewhere, nowhere, right there…jumping in joy
And thank our Heavenly Father…while some will struggle
At the very last minutes…soul dropped from the body
Loved ones crying… Joy rapidly overflow; into the dark occurrence…
Sadly it’s a blessing.
Whatever happens…take a moment…soak up in it
Accept life has to move on…move with it
Moments of despair, lustful trial, unending suffering,
Short lived joy, sorrow, painful tears…is about to end.
Put it all in the bus of 2013 and let it zoom off
With no brake on…crash them…at 11:59PM; Road!
Just a minute…another chance for a blissful year comes again…
Happy New Year!!!

Ray || @speednigga

A new beginning…
Old memories hits an ending…
Broken petals of past…
Nourishing roots of new sprout…
A new beginning…
Hopes of a new start…
That flowers may bloom at last…
From knowledge of growth we learnt fast…
A new beginning…
From memories our shadows did cast…
That by dawn the flowers would pout…
A gradual opening to pollens of harvest as the year runs out…
That it be not of numbers… “LII” weeks it had been…
As we tend towards a new beginning… MMXIV

BigDan || @IAm_BigDan

In a place where leaves dance, fire is sure to burn
Reduce them to ashes; it burns the leaves in it’s path
In addition, it scorches; scars the soil
New leaves sprout… In the end, from the earth toils
Welcome to the new world, a new beginning
A new way to play; a new way of living
A year of endless possibilities; opportunities
A new life for men, children, women and youths; humanities
That as they gather their basket of harvest; hands of thy labour fruits
And watch reality actualise from the initialised fantasy of their dreams
That MMXIV be not just letters but bring us great wishes from AceWorldTEAM

AceNobis || @SlaySean

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