UBI FRANKLYN is indeed a SCAM!!!


After reading the Ubi Franklin and Supersonic Blaze story on one of the blogs, it first occurred to me not to drop my own version of the story, but after close examination of the story, having listened to the “Ebeano” track by Supersonic Blaze and the baseless response of Ubi on one of the blogs, I decided to drop my own story confirming Ubi Franklin as a scam because I don’t see why talents should be discouraged and threatened. I’ll remain anonymous till he decides to call this a lie too.

Jan 30th 2010 was meant to mark the height of Swaga Entertainment. We had been approached by Ubi in April of 2009; he had wanted us to do “Nigerian Reunion” on October 1st, 2009. However time was short and he said most artistes were booked so the prices were too exorbitant, so we arranged for January. We met in Accra La Palm Hotel where we agreed to share all activities and proceeds 50 – 50. As we began publicity, he started coming up with stories such as his boss, comedian Julius Agwu had not paid him and as such he won’t have money till January. He claimed he had arranged a choice venue “Silver Star Towers” in Accra and so we began work. He told us how he had been organizing the Calabar All-Black party and all. We even met at his supposed duplex in Lekki Phase 1, which assured us of his legitimacy. We paid for design-poster and started preliminary publicity. Then he asked us to pay for Terry G in advance so as to book him. We sent about $1,500.00 USD, which was meant to be a fraction of his pay, since Terry owed him and his boss, Julius Agwu. Once this was done, we made flyers, posters, stickers, and shirts in preparation for the event. This was arguably the most publicized event at that time by “Club Boys” in Ghana, as Swaga Boys at that time where the biggest club boys in Ghana. We were a little apprehensive since we had had faulty dealings with Wande Coal and comedian I Go Die so we needed a true middle man like Ubi. Once word got out, some boys in University of Ghana, Legon approached us and told us that Ubi was a scam, and had run away with their money. We told Ubi and he told us they were just disgruntled boys. One of those boys, Seun Wright decided to work with us warning us at every step though [as he was our Legon representative]. In January, Ubi still was telling stories and he took us to Djinee telling us they had agreed so Djinee was now added to the line-up of artistes. We met with Djinee and his manager at Obanikoro in Lagos, but terms were not mentioned. All seemed to be well. A week to the event, we
went ahead to inform the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana to seek their affiliation, and after this, we found out that Ubi had not paid for any venue or sounds and all. Too much was at stake, so we paid for the venue $1500.00UD with sounds, light and security leading to almost another $2,000USD. We sent mass text messages, Facebook and all. A day to the event, we almost canceled the event when Ubi was expected to produce a video of Terry G and Djinee telling Ghana to prepare that they were coming as well as Facebook postings and we did not see any. We preferred to lose all that money and keep our reputation. Ubi assured us all was well, sent us pictures of him with Djinee, and told us he was going to sleep in Terry G’s house since Terry was famous for getting drunk. He also sent us all the names! Terry G, Djinee, both artistes’ managers, Ubi himself and one more person. We paid for their return tickets and sent details to Ubi. Djinee got wind of all the publicity but unfortunately, neither he nor Terry G said anything. We mistakenly called Terry G‘s managers’ number which we found at the back of a CD, but he told us that there was no such deal! We called Ubi, he told us that that particular manager had been sacked and wasn’t in on the deal! We were scared and begged Ubi to tell us the truth and if need be, we would pay any fee that day! Money wasn’t the problem. He told us not to insult him by questioning his validity. He even bragged to add Kelly Hansome. We were in talks with Jesse Jags via someone named Samson and his deal was great, but Ubi told us to not bother, that we had enough artistes. The morning of the event with everything set, Ubi sent us a supposed picture of him with Djinee at the airport and that all was well. Few minutes after he told us that Kelly Hansome and Terry G delayed so they missed their flight. We then booked new tickets [mind you, we had bagged sponsorship from a food company], new return tickets, hotels, and all. The turn-out was massive but a lot did not want to enter as usual till they saw artistes. Ubi asked us to wait at the airport, and a team was sent waiting at the airport. The event started with persons trooping in; we waited till all the flights from Nigeria landed. By this time, Ubi‘s phone had been switched off. At the end, no one showed up! Djinee put on Facebook that he wasn’t coming for any event! People got mad; we virtually ran away before the end of the party as an angry group of students and Nigerians working and living in Ghana were looking for us. We even had paid for radio publicity and Ubi was had promised to deduct it from the proceeds before we share profit.

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Long and short we were duped.

Our name had been buried 10ft. deep. That was the end of Swaga Boys, the biggest ever club boys and pioneers of University Social Awards in Ghana. We lost all forms of credibility and Ubi at our back was lying to people that matter, including my team that we did not pay any artiste. If not that members of my team had been involved from the beginning, they would have thought I scammed them all. When I got to Nigeria, I almost arrested Ubi as we have strong connects in the Lagos Police, and the army within our team. But we just let him go seeing that we were not the only ones, and we saw no use that would come from it.

He promised to refund some money but all na voicemail!




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