Tweezy – MORE THAN EVER [prod. by Mystro]


Tweezy - More Than Ever [prod. by Mystro] Artwork |

TweezyTha Bohemian” [real name – Emmanuel Iruoje] hails from Edo state, Nigeria. He spent his prepubescent years in Lagos, grew up mostly in Kaduna State where he attended Command Secondary school and then got a B.Sc in Physiology from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. He served the country in the Abaga’s home state of Taraba. He can be that cool, smooth dude with a calm demeanor and shy exterior and can also be that chatty guy with an exuberance and enthusiasm that is sometimes unsettling – yeah, our very own Dr. Bruce Banner.

Musically, he’s a passionate beast; an artist that is very much at ease with his craft, a remarkable singer with a husky voice that can arrest ears and capture hearts. A prodigiously talented song writer with a catalogue of songs in his bag.

More than Ever” is a mellow and captivating love song produced by Mystro [the musical maestro] that’s bound to get to your musical bones – if you’ve got one, that is. It will either make you take your relationship serious or wish you had a serious relationship. | ENJOY!!!

Tweezy – More Than Ever [prod. by Mystro]

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