[#ACE_ PODCAST] K & Ada – #MOUTH_OFF [Episode 3]


Hello darlings!!!

We’ve missed you so much and we hope you missed us too!!! It’s been 2 weeks and we’re back, with a bang!!! All new and bursting with energy!!! There are a lot of changes but we’re not going to write them here so you will have to listen to find out. Hope you like the surprises!!!

The topics we’ve chosen for this episode are… *drum roll*:

1.            Denying people in public [have you ever denied anyone or been denied in public? Or have you heard stories? Share your opinions and experiences. Is it understandable or just plain wrong?!]

2.            Cyber Relationships [are they real? If you recognize someone you met on the internet, would you say hello?]

P.S.        The cyber relationships could be platonic.

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This week’s sidebar is “serious and sad”. Our heart goes out to anyone that has been abused or assaulted in anyway regardless of gender or age. We hope and pray that God [in whatever way you see him] will heal your pains. Today’s sidebar centers on poor Mrs. Mercy Nnamdi. In one day, her whole life changed: She lost her baby, who she thought her husband was, her perfect health and more.

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Much Love from,

K & Ada


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