[#ACE_ ARTICLES] “Digest_It” Pays Tribute to DAGRIN …by Lady Sam-Nuga


This time 2 years ago, Dagrin coming to London Town was the talk on everyone’s lips. Preparations to travel to London for the concert were being made if we wanted to get good price on tickets from Manchester to London, until news of a fatal accident that involved Dagrin came to light – at first, I was like “9ja, they have started o – wishing people dead” until this unexpected rumours gradually became shocking news of a death!!! A 23-year old lad with awards awaiting and already nominated with a promising brighter future ahead gone! Just like that?

Born 21/10/1987, Barrack O’Grin, “Chief Executive Omoita” popularly known as “Dagrin” by his fans, but real name – Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun | CEO of  MiSoFuYin Entertainment. I could say he was probably the only musician artist that blend the English and Yoruba rap together making it clear and sound sexy as ever…and yes, we still on music.
I remember clearly as in so clearly, the ex and I going on about how we would get his concert ticket at Indigo O2, London to see this talented rapper who had that signature giggle at the beginning of his track. Dagrin was to throw probably what would have been the most come out for concert on 31st May 2010. The hype on Nigezie station, Youtube and Word of Mouth, everyone wanted to see the CEO Omoita and the “Pon Pon Pon” music maker live on stage and I was gobsmacked when I heard.


22/04/2010, just few days after we heard of his accident only to find out that Dagrin didn’t make it!! I was like what? What did he do to deserve that? He was at the peak of his career. I was actually gonna go and see him… I wanted to and then you say wuhat? Only just watched his special interview with Liz Yemoja on Youtube about how he was excited coming to the UK. Logged on to Facebook and Twitter and was all over, verified with my close friend in the industry and he already sent me like pics of Dagrin on his hospital bed, telling me he’s just been to see him and he’s not talking and he was in a mess. Am like so it was actually true!!!

Writing this edition of Digest_It, I did try going far back to find a tweet I mentioned him on [guess it’s too long ago so couldn’t get to it] thinking he would tweet back and say “yo…peeps am not dead ooo abeg please…” – It’s been 2 years now and he hasn’t replied and his Twitter handle is still there. According to Nigerian Entertainment Today’s website, the last time he logged on to Twitter was on April 8th at 1:01pm. His last tweet was to a fan, Yewande Sobamowo – it simply said “lol” [Laughing Out Loud].

I remembered crying so much that my ex started to ask questions like “do u know Dagrin more than I think? Me in tears like, No!!!But he could have promised his mom that morning a house or a car, could have made plans to actually stop drinking, could have made plans to give his siblings a better start the next day and now he is not here anymore *sob sob* I can remember him looking at me funny and walking out of the lounge..LOL…crazy things I do but no, I was actually touched just like most people were too. It was shocking. I mean with due respect, we all kinda of expected Michael Jackson’s at some point [no needed to lie about it – just fact], but Dagrin, he had only just started and if he was here – Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and others, like seriously??? Would they even have come out and lasted this long? – Digest_It

Dagrin dropped out from High Institution and told us his part of the hustle world he faced and the reason why he was loved was and is because most people or listeners could actually relate to his lyrics. I know a few wealthy peeps who have done well for themselves and they are actually from low/middle social class families but they wouldn’t even show a sign of it now because they have done so well which is good but then listening to Dagrin lyrics, would actually make them think of how far they came and for those still struggling; his lyrics gives hope that they would make it through if he could. – Digest_It

I am unable to pin-point at Dagrin’s last track, yea we all know he had 2 albums and has loads of his recordings in the studios and some did make it out after he had passed on, a bit like 2pac really. My favourites [as most fans would pick] are “Ghetto Dreams” and “Kondo [Magic Stick]“.

Listening to the lyrics of Ghetto Dreams, you can actually feel his heart pain and he’s speaking based on what he’s experienced and how hard he fell & still had to try again [just like Aaliyah‘s “Try Again]. As I listen to this track on my iPod again as I have always done when I need some inspirations, Dagrin is different [I use different for weird, special or crazy and he for qualifies for all], he raps smoothly like how a typical Yoruba person would talk. And what I mean we say an 8-words-sentence and 6 out of it would be Yoruba with 2 English just like;
Mo de wa determined mo de wa focused“. True na? – Digest_It


Ghetto Dreams expresses different people’s struggle of wanting to be a Pastor/abstain from sinful acts but only to be tempted by worldly things, dreams to live in Ajah while still sleeping in a room & parlour/shared flat [maybe if he was still with us, he would prefer Banana Island now], dreams to play football as a professional and get signed in Barcelona but no money for football kit [if you have seen the way boys/young guys play football aggressively under the bridge or by the road side like its a do or die affair, then you will understand]. This was Dagrin‘s reality and probably about 85% of Nigerians daily lives and if you have never experienced this then maybe you wouldn’t understand how lucky you and thankful you should be.

Previously Published,  Tiwa Savage - TIWA's VIBE (prod. by Spellz)

Dagrin had dreams like you and I, and he wondered if these dreams would ever come true. If he only he had more time, he would love the dreams he never dreamt [or listed in his songs] that would have come true such as International recognition, probably make more fame than DMX [as he referred to in his lyrics], winning awards on lyrics/albums, sold out concerts in other parts of the world [what would have stopped him?], rapid financial boost, deals and all; but they were only sadly dreams that he short-lived. According to Ifeyinka.com, 2 days before the horrific accident that took away his life occurred, Dagrin was putting together his last song – Show Me the Money, for Lineo Elepepe Master” and on April 14th, just a few hours before the accident, Dagrin paid a visit to the Hip Hop World office in Ikeja. The awards were drawing closer and with three nominations to his name, the hustler’s dream was finally coming true.

You & I have dreams, big dreams and we wake up every morning with thoughts of making it a step closer and at night, we lay our heads down thinking in our minds, scanning through the day’s activities; the obstacles, the scale-through, the “thank God’s” the “phew” so close to losing, the “yes” ones and we either smile because the day was successful or just pull the covers up with a “tomorrow would be better thoughts” | “Ghetto Dreams” is that song. And until we make it, many of us don’t wanna break up with the b**** called “Hustle“. – Digest_It

It’s the “hahahaha” giggle that opens my 2nd favourite track of Dagrin’s. This song I don’t know, maybe just me [but I’m sure, so sure of it that it would apply to some of my readers], most of 70’s & 80’s kids had a cousin or that family friend that we would pray not to be left alone in the house with or meet them alone in the house cause even though you were young, you could tell from their preying eyes they had issues and “Kondo [Magic Stick]” is that drama song. The song’s beat in a club or a house-party would get everyone dancing and singing along…That was the deal!

Dagrin – Kondo [Magic City] – EXCLUSIVE #ACEWORLD DOWNLOAD

Dagrin was real, the dude had lyrics, he was smart, yea maybe the alcohol yes, but most young guys do a lot of alcohol and then it makes me wonder if no one has actually learnt any lessons yet? His song “If I Die” still has a way of creeping me out… the lyrics? Crazy and everyone was saying he knew about his death before hand, a bit like 2Pac too in his “Unborn Child“. Whether Dagrin saw his death coming or not, only one person could tell and he’s not here. *shrugs* – Digest_It


You & I are still here with the chance to accomplish our dreams to a reality, to believe in our God, to further our education, to work harder and get that bonus/recognition, to give our parents that smile, to make it into that industry we desire | gift of life is a free gift we receive through mercy but for how long? So why not put it to use effectively? Maybe you should listen to Ghetto Dreams again perhaps, re-adjust your lifestyle, too much/highness on alcohol ain’t gonna do you any good either – has anyone become a millionaire from drinking so muchhh??? Goes for speeding too. Where are we rushing to? Have you never experienced this scenario whereby you speed by a car and they still end up meeting you up at the traffic light? Or you get on the bus and walk past someone and then you see them again but ahead of you? So slow down, no rush and think a moment to thank God. – Digest_It

Nigerian Music Industry recognised Dagrin‘s short lived efforts and he was the “hot cake” – everyone wanted him to feature on their tracks.

2years today [Sunday, April 22/04/12] and yet it hurts that his songs hardly gets played in clubs now or even  radio stations but I’m sure they will for his remembrance [well I haven’t heard it in a while] but my iPod will always play your songs Dagrin and I pray that your efforts/struggles and talents doesn’t fade away from the hearts of your fans | definitely not mine.

Dagrin ft. Isolate – Gboro – EXCLUSIVE #ACEWORLD DOWNLOAD

Barrack O’grin as he referred himself as in “Champion” by General Pype with that signature laugh again…kai..Dagrin!!! Imagine Dagrin and Sauce kid or with Vector? Would be nice innit? – Digest_It

Original Omoita, DaGrin Lomo Na, Lyrican Trouble, Fimilejo, Omo Onile, Soldier Boy, Lyrical Wayray, Molenubi, Misofuyin, Omo Ogun, Akogun, I miss you, your fans miss you, Nigerian Music Industry misses you, your family misses you.

I dedicate this edition of Digest_It to your blessed memory – DagrinOladapo Olaitan Olanipekun

Dagrin ft. Omawumi – Thank God – EXCLUSIVE #ACEWORLD DOWNLOAD

#Neverforget @dagrin | Sun re oo.

…by Lady Sam-Nuga


  1. Nice piece Seun! Thumbs up. Dagrin just helps us all to see that there is really no dream that can't come true. To truly enjoy the reality of a dream come true caution is needed! Sun re oo Akogun!

    • Thank you for commentin' *Lanre Debbie Macaulay* — glad you enjoy'd the piece – We @ ♠World do certainly hope you continue to visit the website – #bless

  2. Dapo, a true legend!!!
    U'll forever live in our hearts….
    Akogun, Rest In Perfect Peace!!!
    Junior say so….
    Good Shepherd Comprehensive High Schl…. 1998 – 2003

  3. Gat tears on ma eyes wyl readin dis article DAGrin why, feels like yesterday doe Bro ur memories still fresh in our minds. We miss u.

  4. I really enjoyed this piece,and I must say it really makes sense.dagrin was a nice guy and am honoured to be a part of his album listening party in ilorin.RIP LYRICAL WEYREY!

  5. Fantastic read!
    Quite incitive!
    I read it 2ce!
    Makes me miss him more!
    Barrack O'grin!#akogun!salute

  6. Life is beautiful!it is a gift from God.We re God representative here on plaenet earth how we leave our life wil be conutable to God.Nice one gurl God bless u.

  7. Interesting piece. The authors views and descriptions kinda put you (d reader) in a chair and in d middle of it all like a 1st hand witness. Good job. Over and above all, RIP DaGrin.

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