[#ACE_ PODCAST] #MouthOff with K, ‘Sari & Ada – EPISODE 2


Hello again you gorgeous people!!!

It’s another Sunday and #MouthOff is back with Episode 2 and “the all new side bar topic!!!“. We want to thank everyone that supported the first episode by downloading, listening online, retweeting and telling other people about the show. We also want to thank our twit-rangers [supporters on twitter with super powers…don’t worry – your secret is safe with us *winks*] for helping #MouthOff trend on twitter!!! We love you!!! Keep doing your thing especially Tanitoluwa!!! We see you dear!!!

We want to share our favorite response to last week’s episode from the lovely Ebun, who got creative and sent us a picture of her opinion. Hope you find it as amusing as we do. Here it is:

This week we’re introducing a new segment called “The Sidebar Topic“. Every week, we would pick out a major topic from the news ranging from politics to just plain weird and we would like you to give your opinions based  on those topics. This week’s sidebar is *drum roll* – What do you think about the split between Don Jazzy and D’banj? [Whose fault do you think it is? Who do you think will gain more from the split? What do you think about Don Jazzy’s tweet?]. These are just a few suggestions but tell us what you think. Shout out to Mazino for this week’s side bar topic, and if you would love to give us a topic for side bar, just holler!!!

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Moving on to this week’s main topics!!!

We chose to talk about “THE FRIEND ZONE” and “FAKE PERSONALITIES on SOCIAL NETWORKS“. Share your friend zone experiences and let us know if it’s alright to change your personality to be popular on Twitter/Facebook/etc.  Listen, Share, Comment, Tweet and don’t forget to MOUTH OFF!!! We love you. P.S. we have some exciting news but you have to wait till episode 3 to find out [*hint*: it’s a marriage!!!]. Enjoy your week darlings!!! xoxo.


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K, ’Sari & Ada.